The New Brant Women’s Institute

Here’s a blog post I wrote about our Information Open House for our new WI. Lot’s of images, including one from the first Paris WI in 1905.

Maggie Wilson Author

arlingtonA week ago, Kate Belair and I had our Women’s Institute Information Open House at the Arlington Hotel. It was a huge success with much excitement and delighted feedback.

Especially from the women at the provincial head office who came to offer support. Kate and I met with them for dinner ahead of the meeting. dinner“How are you doing?” I asked Kate. “Nervous,” she said. “What if no one comes?” I shared her worry. It was a bitterly cold night. Threats of snow squalls. Who would want to be out on a night like that?

Almost 100 women, as it turned out. Doors opened at 7:00 and the women were lined up already. So many, in fact, we had to ask the gals who were already WI to meet elsewhere in the hotel to free up space.

Survey saysWe held the meeting in “Hiram’s Tavern”, the cellar bar of the hotel…

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